Loving the outdoors is only part of the camping experience. Selecting a campsite will make or break your excursion. Here are our five tips when picking the perfect site that will take your trip to the next level:

1. Look for Level and Smooth Ground

Nothing is worse than waking up with a sore back because you have slept on rocky or uneven ground. GeerTop Waterproof Pad with built-in pump and pillow allows you to rest easy on any ground conditions. A good and supported sleep allows you to keep exploring through the day, instead of resting a sore back.

2. Be Aware of High Tides or Flood Zones

Sleeping in a potential wet area is bad for a number of reasons, so be sure to assess your surroundings before setting up camp in order to avoid moisture and dampness. A Camping Waterproof Ground Sheet should also always be placed under your tent to further minimize potential moisture.

3. Be Close to a Clean Water Source

While you do not want to sleep directly in the path of a water source, you do want to be near one. This ensures that you will not become dehydrated, as well
as provides you with an additional method of cooking food. Water must be purified before drinking or cooking with if it is not fresh, clean, or drinkable. Be sure to use a Titanium Camping Pot to boil the water prior to consuming, in order to avoid illness.

4. Good Ground Cover.

Not only do you want your sleeping area to be level and smooth, you also want the ground to be soft. Soft ground, specifically sand or clay, is ideal as it allows you to easily set up Pegs and Ropes. These stakes and ropes are not only beneficial to secure your tent in place, but also for Tent Tarps and Sun Shelters. Setting up on this type of ground coverages allows the environment to be restored to its natural state once you leave. In addition, you should be aware of animal homes, roots, branches and sand when setting up camp, as these environmental aspects should also be avoided to be an eco-friendly camper.

5. Behind a Good Wind-Block.

Furthermore, your tent and shelters should be set up in an area that provides natural shelter from the elements, especially wind. Your Pegs and Ropes will help secure your shelter, tarps and tent, but natures gifts of shrubbery and trees can act as an additional defence against mother natures elements as well. Having the right Sleeping Bag provides an extra layer of protection from the chill that nights can bring too.

With the proper equipment and GeerTop, you can stop dreaming about the great outdoors and start exploring and experiencing it! Be sure to follow GeerTop top five tips to pick the best campsite for your adventure.