If you’re looking for a great little camouflage bivy for your next hiking or backpacking trip, then our Bivy II | 1 Person 3 Season Ultralight Backpacking Tent might be the one for you!

Ease Of Use

This is a free standing bivy so there aren’t a lot of parts that come with it. Inside the carry bag are the bivy, 3 aluminium  poles (continuous system), 9 (green!) tent pegs  and 1 reflective guy rope.

 Here’s how to set it up:

Insert your aluminum poles in parallel in the two seams at the head of the tent. Cross their ends and insert them into opposite tie outs. 

For the bottom end:

Insert the smallest aluminium pole into the seam. Pull the outer flap out and peg down to stretch the bivy tight and give it its form.

You can roll the outer flap of the air vent at the head of the tent and tack it up for air and sunlight. If it’s raining, pull it out and peg it down to keep water from falling into the vent.

Dismantling everything and packing away is even easier!

Weather Resistance

There’s extra material on the outside of the zip lining to cover the zip. This outer material has velcro underneath the flaps to keep it in place so it doesn’t come undone in the wind.It’s designed this way to keep out the rain. 

We put this tent out for a night in the rain. When we came back to check later the underside of the bivy was nice and dry. 


When it comes to testing a tent’s camping durability, I live by three rules – strong waterproof material, great stitching and sealed seaming.

When one is missing, it just drags the whole product down for me.

Well here’s the result….

The corners of the bivy also have this inner covering because that’s where it would be susceptible to leaks and damage.

It’s almost like the manufacturer is saying, “hey look we’ve gone the extra mile and got you covered.”

Of course, even tester opinions vary. 

Some of the team loved it and ranked this product very highly straight away while others needed more convincing. 

So we settled with a score that reflected our combined opinions and came up with a score of 8.5 for this metric.

That being said…

This is a bivy you’ll be taking along on more than one camping trip – it’s going to last a good few seasons. 

Pack Size

This product weighs in at 2.5 pounds, with a compact size of 19” x 5” x 5” inches,which can fit into the palm of your hand.

The aluminum poles – a continuous pole system – fold into parts for compact packing.

But don’t worry too much about size, with many a carry bag and camping backpacks designed to carry extra attachments, size is no issue at all.

Our Final Verdict

For anyone well acquainted with Geertop products and their evolution of improvement through the years, we were super impressed with this bivy.

GeerTop added poles to hold up the bottom end of the bivy and even added a whole length of mesh walls to keep out bugs and enhance ventilation even further.

Additionally, in what could be an intentional show of generosity,  Geertop have thrown in 9 tent pegs when all you really need is 2. 

For a spacious camping bivy we also appreciated that it didn’t weigh a tonne.  


Now we’ve taken you through our testing and results, you know just as much as our top testers about this camouflage bivy. 

As a customer we believe that you should not only have buying power but the necessary knowledge to make informed purchases.

And after reading this review, we hope that you are now better able to decide whether this camping product is worth your money. (Hint – definitely is!).

Now you can take the next step to make this camouflage bivy yours – we hand the baton to you.

Source: TopNotch